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846RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] spiderman costume

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    Apr 1, 2002
      hello if your after the new spider man suite you can buy one of
      www.hollywoodcostumes.com i think thats the address if not just go to google
      and look up hollywood costumes thay have a huge rainge of costumes and
      accesaries any way thair is a MOVIE spider man outfit out now with lenses in
      the eyes rather than the crapy eye holes they had in the standard out fit so
      i hope this elps you out and any one esle its worth having a look at the
      site any way.
      teh sloopster

      >From: "Contessa" <contessa@...>
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      >Subject: RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] spiderman costume
      >Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 22:41:33 -0800
      >it looks like spandex.
      >you can try http://www.spandexwear.com/ however, they are back logged at
      >making costumes and emails because the webmaser is having surgery, but I
      >think they will be caught up way before halloween.
      >you can check out the fabric. You can order a costume made or order the
      >fabric and make it yourself.
      >good luck. Contessa
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      >Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] spiderman costume
      >I want to get an early start for my halloween costume and I want to
      >dress up as spiderman. I searched all over the net and looked at
      >various costumes, but I wanted one that looked exactly like the
      >Spiderman Movie suit.
      >I know the movie isnt even out yet so maybe none of you have seen
      >what the costume looks like so here is a link to show you:
      >I want to get one custom made so it will fit me perfectly and not be
      >baggy like most I saw in pictures.
      >I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone or knows of someone
      >who can do a custom made suit like this in as much detail as the
      >picture. I know it will most like be expensive that isnt an issue I
      >just want high quality.
      >Any help would be appreaciated...
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