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  • Tara Maginnis
    Oct 31, 2006
      I don't actually personally know any costumers in that part of the world, since I live really, really far from there, and, alas have never even visited. However, I'm willing to bet that a lot of those who post to my Yahoo Group live there, and will know to contact you if I forward this message to the group. (I'm doing this).

      Patricia Lindberg <plindber@...> wrote: Dear Tara:

      We are looking for a costumer for our upcoming major production of
      Beauty and the Beast. We are wondering if you know any excellent free-
      lance costumers in New England who might be interested. Thanks for
      your help.

      Trish Lindberg, Ph.D.
      Plymouth State University

      ----Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Professor & Costume Designer,
      Department of Theatre, University of Alaska Fairbanks
      Website: "The Costumer's Manifesto" at http://costumes.org
      Theatre Department Web Site: http://www.uaf.edu/theatre

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