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  • kathy_scoggins
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Something I've done!

      Several years ago I did exactly this for a commercial for one of the
      movie channels. I built silver metallic unitards. They were made
      of a nylon lycra from Impala Industries in Los Angeles. I did full
      head hood with invisible zippers (long one up the back of the
      unitard and a short one zipping from the neck up in the hood).
      The "gloves" were cut right on the sleeves and the feet were an
      extention of the legs. Unfortunately, it looked so much like the
      real thing that the legal department pulled the commercial after the
      first showing for fear of trademark infringement from the Oscar
      people. If this is a route you think you might want to try, let me
      know and I'll give you more details.

      Kathy Scoggins
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "ashleybellet"
      <ashleybellet@...> wrote:
      > Why do they always call the costumers?
      > I have been asked to prepare four young male and female actors for
      > charity event: they will be dressed as gold or silver statues, and
      > remain posed on pedastals throughout the evening's festivities.
      > is the safest way to go about this? Anyone have suggestions on
      > clothing, and hair paint? We're going for true metallic. . .
      > Oscar statue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (And,
      > usual, we have less than a month. . . not too much time for prep
      > or shipping. Oh, and I'm in Oklahoma, so if it's something I can
      > my hands on pretty quickly. . .) Thank You!
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