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7857Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] pleating question

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  • Jenn
    Aug 7, 2006
      Alexa said:

      >DH threw me out of the house and I have a studio in an old building in
      >downtown Dayton. DS is an art major and shares the space with me!

      Oh, how lovely! Space! How do you keep mice out of your wool? & other
      fabrics... &, heaven forfend, wool moths! Sometimes, I think a fire is
      the only thing that works for them. A bit extreme.

      > Hey, I already have a Border Collie
      >(mix) who desperately needs something to herd. All she has now is two cats.
      You could also spin her hair & down. Get hand-held wool combs [i.e.
      Viking Combs] to separate the 2 coats. The guard hair is strong & can
      be used as guimpe, while the down may be carded & fluffed into knitting
      yarns... or tons of uses. Light, fluffy, full of air. Makes one
      delightfully warm in that old building you're in!

      Hmmm. Will see if our local sewing shop will schedule a video
      presentation & workshop. That would be wonderful.
      I've done the duct tape double, but don't like it. The foam would have
      made a difference, as would a stand. I really like the brown paper tape
      double from Threads article. Now, to just find someone to help. My
      hubby RUNS the other way. <G>

      Now, I just have to be well long enough to DO something!

      Jennifer Hill
      Regia Anglorum:
      When the 21st C isn't Enough!

      Cynn Readheort

      Today may be all sunshine, but God is more surely in the Night
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