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773rental for Tintantic.....help, I can't find it!!

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  • ljsimcox
    Mar 2, 2002

      I am a costume designer looking for information on where to rent a
      set of costumes for a summer production of Tintantic the musical for
      an equity muscial theatre.
      I have checked quite a few of the national rental houses in the US
      and Canada with no luck. I know the show is not that old, and that is
      probably my main problem.
      Does anyone know if a university or regional theatre has built this
      show and has it in stock for rental? It doesn't matter where, really,
      just that the quality is high.
      The reason why I need to rent it is that we don't have time to build
      and maintain quality at the same time. I also don't have time to
      piece-meal it from several places.
      Any suggestions would be welcome......I appreciate your time!

      Laura Simcox
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