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  • Jenni Dryden
    Dec 4 9:05 AM
      I work as a Costume Designer, Wardrobe Stylist and Assistant Wardrobe

      Poppy – I assume this is your first commercial catalog shoot and you are
      assisting a lead Wardrobe Stylist based on the fact you say ‘assistant’ in
      your post below. If that is correct then $175 a day is about right for your
      first shoot. After you do several commercial shoots like that one your rate
      could go up to $250/day to be an Assistant. If you are the lead Wardrobe
      Stylist you can make anywhere from $300/day - $1000/day depending on the
      type of job it is. Commercials pay the most money usually, with catalog
      shoots, ad shoots, and music videos paying less.

      Did the Wardrobe Stylist hire you or did someone else on the job hire you?
      If someone else did, find out who the lead Wardrobe Stylist is and contact
      them. Most likely they will NOT expect you to bring any kind of supplies
      since they will have a “kit” containing everything from a steamer to needle
      and thread. Since you are assisting, you will most likely be tagging
      clothing for each model, then steaming the clothing for wear, assisting the
      models getting dressed and running items back and forth for the Wardrobe
      Stylist while he/she is “on-set”. You may be asked for your opinion or for
      help making accessory and shoe choices unless they have all of that already
      decided upon. As an assistant to the Wardrobe Stylist be prepared to do
      everything they ask without question. Shoots can be rather stressful and
      high pressure. Wait to ask questions about what they did or why the Stylist
      did things a certain way until the lunch or dinner break. Also, observe,
      observe, observe. It’s the best way to learn on the set of anything.

      Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. I’d be happy to

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      Depending on your experience level and what your normal wages( or what you
      believe your time to be worth) that day rate seems quite low to me. Are they
      picking up all your expenses ? Will you be mentioned in any way in some of
      the layout right-ups ? Long days for this type of work can mean a start as
      early as 5-6am and lasting til evening. 12-14 hr days are not uncommon. Your
      job most likely will be to make the clothes/costumes look good on the models
      before the stylists and photographers do their handiwork.
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      Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] working at fashion shoot

      > ALOHA: I am a theater costumer on the small island of Kauai. I have been
      > contacted to work as a wardrobe assistant for a catalog fashion shoot
      > ANY hints out there on what will be expected of me, what supplies I should
      > bring and what is normal pay for this (they are paying $175 daily, with
      > days and three evening shoots for about two weeks, one day off in the
      > middle).

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      Performing arts schools
      School of performing arts
      Center for the performing arts
      Performing arts center



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