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  • Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
    Aug 31, 2005
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      We like Jewel-It glue by Aleene's - available at most craft
      stores. It's a white-type glue, non-toxic, and water-soluble until
      dry. It won't adhere to non-porous fabrics (vinyl, coated, or some
      bridal satins). It does stiffen some, but if it's only under the
      jewel, shouldn't be too bad, as just adding jewels will stiffen
      it. It is durable to washing, but would send a sample to a cleaner
      as a test if dry cleaning. There's another white-type jewel glue
      that's OK to dry clean, but I don't remember the name. A friend
      attached a hundred or so quarter-size plastic jewels to a denim
      jacket with Jewel-it, and it's been thru many washings and none have been lost.

      We also like Fabri-tac, which is used in the bridal and millinery
      industries. It's a solvent-based glue, with it's attendant problems
      (fumes, flammable, dissolves plastics). However, it's clear,
      flexible, will stick to non-porous surfaces, and you can sew thru it
      when it's dry and it won't gum up your needle.

      We haven't yet used the heat-set jewels, as we can't get them here
      and hesitate to do a mail order and find out they don't
      work. Besides, we tend to use a lot of very heat-sensitive fabrics,
      so not sure they would accept heat-setting.

      Just 2 cents worth....


      At 02:29 PM 8/31/2005, you wrote:
      >Oh, and one other question, now that I think of it, about the best
      >way to attach jewels to a gown. In an ideal world, I'd sew them all
      >on, but that may not be realistic, time-wise. I must be one of the
      >few people who's never used a hot glue gun -- would that be a good
      >way to do it, or do they tend to fall off, does the fabric get stiff
      >(I know, I know, presumably not if you can handle the glue well
      >enough to get just a dot on the gem!), is there a better method...?

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