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627Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Digest Number 240

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  • Michelle Davidson
    Jan 14, 2002
      I also love Tom Tierney's paper doll books! Is
      Amazon.com available to you? There's a lot of his
      books available through them.

      --- BowieGirl1982@... wrote:
      > I love Tom Teirney's paper doll books!! However,
      > they're hard to get hold of
      > over here in England. I've got his Henry VIII one
      > which is soo cool.
      > Anyway, thanks for the answers on designing, they
      > were really helpful and
      > kinda what I was thinking anyway. Good to know I'm
      > on the right track!
      > I have another question:
      > If there is anyone in the UK on the list, what
      > magazines do you read that
      > relate to costume, if any? I'd like to hear what
      > you guys in America read
      > too, just so I can get a rough idea.
      > Thanks
      > Jo

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