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  • Curtis Kidd
    Jul 1, 2004
      > From: "Michele Milunas" <drkfrau@...>
      > Subject: Re: WWII Ribbons
      > Oh, another question.....a seamstress who made one of my
      > Red Cross dresses laundered the fabric before she sewed
      > it. Is this a good idea? My Mom, who's been sewing for
      > years, said that I shouldn't do that because it will make
      > the item look used. Is this true?

      Actually, a lot of patterns recommend that you do so. Many
      fabrics, the first time they are laundered, shrink (some
      dramatically, relatively speaking). Laundering the fabric
      before you start working gets that shrinkage issue out of
      the way. If you don't (and I've learned this the hard
      way), something that you had tailored perfectly well may
      come back from the laundry the first time fitting totally
      wrong, or being puckered badly at the seams.

      It depends on the fabric you're using, primarily. If it's
      not going to shrink at all, you can probably skip that
      step. But, if in doubt, I'd rather take the marginal
      amount of wear on the material along with the insurance
      that something's not going to shrink and screw up my work.
      Besides, unless your laundry gets pretty heavily handled,
      you can make most materials look nearly new or even good as
      new with an iron or steamer (if you're working with
      something that's got a lot of glitter or glue-on sequins,
      you'll lose some of the effect...)

      Curtis Kidd
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