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501Re: Corset Advice?

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  • Tara Maginnis
    Nov 16, 2001
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      If you have NOT got a time frame that is very tight, you can get very
      good corsets much cheaper than $600 from Australia, but not under
      $100. Gallery Serpentine
      http://www.nightmachines.com/serpentine/corsets.html does custom
      orders, in a variety of styles from $230 in Australian dollars which
      are about fifty cents US, that is, the total is around $115. These
      are proper corsets, not Frederick's "lingerie" type ones. Leather
      corsets cost more, but satin, brocade and vinyl are affordable ,
      custom made at this rate. Standard sizes, even large sizes that they
      carry are even less, in some cases under $100 in US dollars.

      Here at UAF we have had great luck using the duct tape method of
      making boned bodice patterns
      http://www.100megspop3.com/waistedminds/aris.html and adapting them to
      generate corset patterns. We find this works really well for odd
      figure shapes.

      We have also tried using very heavy duty plastic cable ties as corset
      bones, and found they were just as effective as steel bones, could
      easily be cut to size, made a lighter weight corset, and made the
      corset (if made with pre-washed fabric) washable AND dryable in
      machines!!! We did a group of four cotton corsets for Earnest last
      year (based on the Laughing Moon pattern) that have held up great, and
      were considered quite comfortable by our actors.

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@y..., "Rowenna" <brigidsgirl@h...> wrote:
      > ps...finding a corset like you want under $100 is frankly a pipe
      dream. Corsets are very labour intensive and the busks themselves run
      about $20 each. Stays are also pretty pricey. Because of your
      measurements you will need one custom made. Expect to pay in the
      neighborhood of $600 for a corset like you describe.
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