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3873Re: Fabric on Ebay

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  • systemgoddess
    Dec 6, 2003
      I've purchased fabric a couple of times on e-bay and have been happy
      with what I purchased. I think that as long as you are not trying to
      buy an exact color to match something else and can get over not being
      able to feel the fabric before you buy it that it's not a bad way to
      go. I can certainly empathize with the lack of fabric shops these
      days. There is one place in my area that carries mostly upholstery
      fabric at reasonable prices (though I can't remember the name of it.)
      The rest of them seem to be expensive upholstery shops or you can go
      to Joann's or Hancock's.
      My favorite seller on e-bay is fabricmasterpieces. They carry very
      pretty and popular fabrics. I say popular because I see the type of
      fabrics they carry all over the renfests. Not a bad thing unless you
      are trying to be original ;-)
      Happy weekend!
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