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3369Re: Curling Ostrich Plumes?

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  • Love3angle
    Oct 1, 2003
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "Susan Cassidy"
      <susabela@c...> wrote:
      > I can't believe I survived as a costumer without this group! I've
      learned so much just from reading the emails.
      > I'm costuming "Ragtime", and need to curl some ostrich plumes for
      hats. Can anyone tell me how, please?
      > Thanks,
      > Susan
      I've done it two ways.

      1) like others have suggested, you can curl it with (I prefer) a
      butter knife. It's not too sharp and won't damage the little feather
      fronds. It's best if you have some steam first. I have a little
      travel steamer that works really well, just fluff the feather a few
      times in the steam before your start curling, and again as you go
      along. Do all the little fronds, before you curl the stem, by placing
      the fronds in small groups over the knife, gently pressing your thumb
      against the fronds and pulling to the end (like curling ribbon).
      What makes this method work is the actual angle the fronds are at
      against the knife. Some try just pressing the knife at 45 degrees to
      the frond and you won't get a good curl. The sharper the angle, the
      tighter the curl, but the more gentle you must be to keep from
      breaking the fronds. This is a time-consuming method but it looks the
      best and lasts forever.

      2) You can also use a curling iron. Agan, curl the fronds first
      before the stem. I also tried using the curling iron with the
      steamer. It worked well, but with or without steam the frond curls
      didn't stay in past a day or two. The stems stayed curled.

      So, if you have the time, hand curling is the best but for quick n'
      dirty you can't beat the curling iron.

      Good luck!
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