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  • Allison Pace
    Jun 26, 2003
      On Thursday, June 26, 2003, at 05:00 AM,
      TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > No - it's a really fun musical by Stephen Schwartz from 1973-
      > http://www.musicalheaven.com/p/pippin.shtml

      Er, I believe it's even older than that - I saw it on Broadway in 1966.

      At that time (age 10) I wasn't "formed" enough to be focused on what I
      wanted to be when I grew up (and that changes on a regular basis!) If
      I'd known then the path my life would take... As it turns out, I *am*
      an actor and a costumer, but what I remember most about that event was
      not the show and the costumes and the live theatre experience, but my
      uncle offering the guy an extra five bucks if he would get us better


      P.S. Tara McGinnis, you rock! Your knowledge, organizational skills
      and thoroughness are wonderful! Not to mention your gracious
      willingness to share! I found your site years ago and have been
      referring folks to it since. On my list of Things To Do is come be
      your student for awhile. But that will have to wait until I can afford
      the time off from work and life. Until then, know that you have a
      loyal fan who, for now, will remain a lurker. Thank you thank you
      thank you.
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