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2852Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Pippin

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  • AF Murphy
    Jun 6, 2003
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      Now, I was assuming this was for the musical Pippin - on Broadway in the
      70s, Bob Fosse, Ben Vereen... Especially since it is "for a school."

      I've never done it, which is the reason I didn't reply. But it's
      certainly a different direction - perhaps it can be clarified?


      Laslossë Telperin wrote:
      > I have... What kind of information are you looking for? Useable patterns for the various pieces of his outfit, fabric suggestions, or just general notes and tips? And how accurate do you plan on making your Pippin outfit?
      > Namarië
      > ~ Leithelas
      >>Hi - has anyone ever done costumes for Pippin? I may be doing that
      >>for a school in August. If you have, do you have any suggestions?
      > "We have not had dealings with the Dwarves since the Dark Days..."
      > Haldir o Lothlórien
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