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2648favorite and anti-war

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  • jackiekeizer
    Mar 31, 2003
      In regard to the anti-war/pro-soldier costume, I also liked the Donna
      Reed idea, but what popped in to my mind first was a whole 1960's
      hippie costume made of cammo. You could have wide bell bottoms with
      the godets covered in peace symbols to further make the connection.
      Top them with a tie-dyed tee shirt in shades of OD green and a short
      vest with long fringe also made of cammo material. A cammo headband
      with peace signs on it is a must as are lots of flowers to carry and a
      peace sign or flower painted on each cheek. Good luck in portraying
      the ideal of wanting peace while supporting your son and other soldiers
      - that's a toughie.

      The favorite of my costumes is probably one that I made for last year's
      local wearable art show. The theme was 'Making Waves' Our newspaper
      has a column entitled 'The Wavemaker' that folks write in to with
      general complaints. Since it seems that the written word has been
      hugely instrumental in fomenting change/dissent/ even revolution
      (witness our latest posts) it seemed ideal to make a costume out of

      I created an Elizabethan style gown out of newspaper bonded to muslin.
      I used an elizabethan gown pattern for the bodice and made-up a slim A-
      line underskirt, both of which had all the wavemaker columns I could
      find bonded prominently in front.

      The over skirt was made of hanging papers and was supposed to resemble
      a rack I've seen in libraries that papers hang from. A sort of
      revolving thing with the papers sticking out like spokes. It worked
      really well as a big overskirt with a flat top like you see in

      I think what makes it a favorite is that my engineering scheme for
      keeping the papers up actually worked and it came out looking like I
      had wanted it to. I'm usually happy enough with my costumes, but I
      wish I could do justice to what I actually see in my head when I think
      them up! This was the closest I've ever come.

      Jackie K.