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217Costumes for sale!

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  • Siebel San
    May 8, 2001
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      Allo all,

      I recently helped to costume a French/Indian War
      reenactment, and I have a few women's and girls' garb
      pieces left over:

      One adult chemise in unbleached muslin (offwhite,ivoryish)
      One adult chemise in homespun unbleached cotton (oatmeal)
      One girl's chemise in (dont remember if its the cotton or
      muslin) size L (for girls age 10-13 or so)

      All chemises have drawstring necks, long sleeves with ties
      at the wrists, approx. mid-calf length, and several inches
      of let-out in the hems. Adult chemises will fit almost all
      adult women.

      Adult skirts:
      One in ivory/oatmeal pinstripes
      One in a dusty rose shade
      One in a heavier, dull but pretty shade of green

      Children's skirts:
      Two in ivory/blue pinstripes

      All skirts are made of cotton and have drawstring waists.
      Adult skirts are approx. ankle length and have several
      inches of let-out in the hems. Children's skirts are
      approx. 25 - 27 inches long with no let-out.

      All pieces are made from 100% natural materials and are
      suitable for SCA events, reenactments, and
      medieval/renaissance faires. I am willing to bargain or
      make something custom for you if you are interested but
      don't see anything you like.

      If interested, please e-mail me at
      PalaisGarnier@... for prices, fabric swatches, more
      info, and inquiries. Thanks!

      All the best,

      "I would die for you." -Kevin Costner, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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