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  • TheCostumer
    Sep 12, 2000
      Greetings All! And thank you for joining. This is Tara Maginnis, of
      The Manifesto here. I am presently in the basement of the theatre at
      UAF (Fairbanks,Alaska) listening to the acting class shout and emote
      their monologues in preparation for the semester's auditions on
      Saturday. I have spent the last couple of afternoons at work surfing
      on the net for clear vinyl raincoats for The Importance of Being
      Earnest. I think I went through about 50 vinyl fetish sites, only to
      find them at a neat Band Uniform supply place.
      http://www.dshowcase.com/ It is full of interesting cheap stuff like
      "flash" gloves that are wild two tone nylon gloves for cheerleaders or
      some such thing. I'm now taking a break from my next quest: Cheap
      clear plastic high heel shoes. My shop manager is sick with a
      headcold and napping on an old couch.

      So it's just another fairly quiet day in the costume shop, before the
      weekend's auditions put us into high gear. So too, on this list there
      is a brief lull, while everybody waits for someone to post something
      fun: A question, a tip, a topic.

      In the meantime, for your amusement, I have a funny (apocraphal)
      costume story for you that explains how the X-Men and Magneto decided
      to change out of their spandex super hero gear of the comics, and into
      the nifty outfits they wore in the summer movie


      I hope it amuses you through the present lull on the list. I feel
      sure it won't even last as long as the one in our shop.

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