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1901Boning possibilities Was: Corsets - Boustier

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  • Theresa Roden
    Nov 8, 2002
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      Go to your local lumberyard and see if they have any pieces of metal
      strapping. It can also be bought at a relatively cheap rate. Check around.

      Can be cut with tin snips to desired lengths. To avoid having the steel cut
      through the fabric, dip the ends in the plastic compound sold to coat the
      handles of tools. I did this and the corset stood up to several seasons of
      renfaire wear (18 10-hour days).


      >Does anyone know of some extremely cheap and easily-obtained material that
      >can be used as boning? I'm interested in attempting such a project, and
      >wondering whether I would have to purchase something specific for making a
      >corset, or if I can substitute something -- say, for instance, heavy wire
      >-- in making a practice piece. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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