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189How do you make a Costume Bible?

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  • Kacie Hultgren
    Apr 1, 2001
      I've spent the last hour searching the internet.  I'm trying to find an example of a costume bible, but to no avail.  After reading pages on the internet referring to costume bibles all over the place, I'm curious.  What's in a costume bible?  How is it organized?
      This summer the community theatre I volunteer for is doing Guys and Dolls.  I've probably costumed about 10 shows in the last few years, but this one will be my last before I head off to college (I'm 18 currently and will graduate from high school in a few months).  I'll have three "production assitants" that I'm supposed to show the ropes to before I leave (a high school junior, a freshman, and a 10 yr old - all three have helped in the past year with costumes)  And I'm hoping to up my organization and design skills a notch, and show them a great way to do it all.
      My imagination tells me it should include everything from sketches and renderings, to fabric swatches and budgets, production calendars, etc.  Is my imagination on track?  How do you organize it all? If anyone out there has some insight, I'd appreciate your input! 
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