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  • Contessa
    Sep 2, 2002
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      check out ebay stores.
      http://www.stores.ebay.com/stores/category28015/index.html they have lots
      of school uniforms, that are plaid and the skirts look like kilts.
      sometimes, it's pretty cheap as well. or while your in reno, hit some
      second hand stores or fabric stores and see what's on sale.

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      Aloha, I know I speak for everyone when I say how inspiring this group is.
      Here I sit on a little island in the middle of nowhere, and I can get
      encouragement from people all over the world. I now feel empowered to go
      for it and make the kilts for BRIGADOON. Along with the ideas passed along
      here, I took a look thru one of my costume books: THE HISTORICAL
      ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COSTUMES, by Albert Rachet - which shows wonderful
      illistrations of authentic Highland clothing. The time period for this play
      is around the mid 1700's I believe, as a village is enchanted to only appear
      out of the mist once every hundred years. I like to make my costumes look
      like they are the actual clothing of the period: dirty, worn, mismatched,
      etc. NOT cutesy, clean, matching and highly modernized decorations. BUT,
      some directors prefer that kind of look. I thought maybe I could find some
      old plaid blankets that would be heavy material to cut into kilts. I found
      some very inexpensive plaid lightweight cotton that I'm wanting to use for
      the women's clothing and the men's trousers called: "trews", as it is so hot
      here. But, I know that won't pleat well and I know my director will expect
      pleated kilts for the important sword dance scene. Thanks for all the
      leads, I know they'll help. BY THE WAY< this morning while I was reading
      your emails, I was on the phone to Reno where my son Jonah's wife Dallas was
      in the process of having a baby. My daughter Flora was on the cell phone
      giving me the details of the delivery and I heard Jasper David Shell take
      his first little yowl as he was born at 12:23 pm. THen, I typed out this
      email, so I'm pretty happy. This time next week, I'll be in Reno to see the
      new baby and my kids (who attend college there) and then fly off to NYC to
      see the sites, catch a few plays and visit costume places YOU guys have
      suggested. MAHALO TO ALL: Poppy Shell

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