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1446Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: Brigadoon

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  • Paquerette
    Sep 1, 2002
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      <<You don't really need 8 yards of material to make a kilt. Usually,
      the eight yard kilts are reserved for more formal
      occasions and most highland men wear a 4-5 yard kilt called a "Hill
      Walker". As for the sewing, I've found that the
      most frustrating thing about the kilt is getting those dratted pleats to
      stay straight while you're ironing and sewing
      them down. Also, I've found a site that sells kilts for about $38 a
      piece. The only drawback is that they only carry
      two tartans. It's www.museumreplicas.com they've got some really neat
      clothing and shoes. You could also
      check with the Society for Creative Anachronisms site and see if they've
      got any simple kiltmaking turorials or
      some vendors who sell inexpensive kilts. www.sca.com>>

      It's sca.org, actually. I don't think there's anything much on that site
      about kilts, though. I'm not familiar with Brigadoon, what period is it?
      Pre-1600 kilts were not sewn-in pleats, that's a 17th or 18th century

      There are instructions here http://www.simon-s.net/clothes/plaid.html on
      how to drape a great kilt. I've never actually used them so I can't
      vouch for them, but I've done the square cloak, peplos, and arisaid from
      here and they're all good directions.

      Good luck!


      Lady Ennoguent filia Bronmael, Endless Hills, AEthelmearc
      Barony of Endless Hills Webmistress
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