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    Sep 1, 2002
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      Hi poppy
      I costumed a a play a few years back loosly based on the story of
      braveheart. I had no budget for this production. I did have loads of old
      curtains and pots of old dyes. I darkened the curtains so the patterns did
      not show too much.I then cut the into long lengths joining the lengths
      together to make about 6m. I then loosly made big pleats around the back and
      left a plain piece to the front and all that was left over swept up over the
      shoulder and pinned on with the brooch we made the brooches from old bits of
      junk jewelry glued onto stiff card or hardboard. They wore them over baggy
      shirts with a thick leather belt to hold up the kilt. The overall effect was
      good and it needed to look well worn and distressed. I hope you can find
      enough old curtains. Do not worry about it having to be tartan as a lot of
      the old kilts were plain rough wool

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      >Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 22:19:45 -1000
      >Aloha, I am a theater costumer on the small island of Kauai and wrote
      >recently about costuming BRIGADOON for my local high school on a very
      >limited budget. My first thought is I will just whip out those kilts, no
      >problem. BUT, now that I am researching their construction and how much
      >fabric they take and ALL those accessories which are REALLY expensive and
      >can't just be whipped out (knee high socks, can't buy those on Kauai), I'm
      >beginning to doubt myself. So, I thought maybe just rent the kilt outfits,
      >but as I research rentals, I see that the cost of rentals is really high,
      >and we would need them for at least three weeks. I guess I need to hear
      >from someone who knows what other poor high school groups do in this
      >situation. I sew really well, but I usually just invent what I'm doing,
      >specialize in remaking existing clothing into great costumes. You should
      >what I just did for OKLAHOMA! I was able to turn second hand muumuus that
      >were calico prints into great prairie skirts and dresses. I can follow a
      >typical sewing pattern, but reading about kilt pleating was making my head
      >spin. Anyways, if I need 10 kilts (minumum) and they require 8 yards of
      >fabric, I'll never be able to afford to make them, but I can't afford to
      >rent them either. ANY IDEAS!! Sorry if I rambled, but I am a bit worried.
      >Poppy Shell
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