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  • Valancy Gilliam
    Aug 8, 2014

      Lol I wonder if that's still possible. I've not heard of the products so wonder if they still exist. Excellent Halloween or Victorian stage costume though.

      On Aug 7, 2014 6:14 PM, "Diana Thompson diana.thompson95@... [TheCostumersManifesto]" <TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Costuming and creativity have come a long way...I was reading a book, and this was the preface.
      Too good not to share..

      To manifest a spirit, take twenty yards of fine silk veiling, at least two yards wide and very gauzy.
      Wash carefully and rinse seven times. Prepare a solution of one jar Balmain's Luminous Paint; half pint of Demar Varnish, one pint odourless benzine and fifty drops lavender oil. Work thoroughly through the fabric while it is damp, and then allow to dry for three days.  Then wash with naptha soap until all the odour is gone and the fabric is perfectly soft and pliable.  In a darkened room, the fabric will appear as a soft, luminous vapour.
                                                               --Revelations of a Spirit Medium  1891

      preface from The Seance by John Harwood

      M.Diana Thompson

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