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12827ISO Black Bottom-Weight Fabric Recommendation

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  • Wade MacMorrighan
    Jul 21, 2014
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      Hey guys, I am planning to sew a set of ritual robes by slightly modifying the "B" view from Butterick's cloak pattern #4050. I will be using a much different exterior type of fabric, omitting the hood, and sewing it closed down the front. I was initially inspired to sew these robes after seeing a photograph of Salem's "Official Witch", Laurie Cabot, not realizing--due to the angle and clarity of the photos--that her robes and the pattern that I was looking for and eventually found were much different (I actually prefer my pattern!!!). So, I happened to strike up a friendship with one of Laurie's High Priestesses who told me that they merely use a poly-rayon blend for their black ritual robes. 

      That's when I struck a problem, because that specific blend has not been easy for me to find (Joanne's in Des Moines carries none and Hancocks carries only two bolts!). So, as I was browsing through Hancock's stock I found one fabric that draped like a DREAM--no, like a FANTASY!!!--but the cost of a single yard of ponte de roma knit was outrageous, and it wasn't nearly "black" enough. While it was labeled "black", it was really a charcoal black, or a very dark gray. The other bolt was mere costume fabric which was the color I wanted, but it wasn't quite heavy enough and didn't offer near the same luxurious feel and drape of the ponte roma knit! (Seriously, guys, when I experienced that knit, it was so awesome that it practically "hurt" to have to re-shelve it! LOL!)

      So, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any fabric that I could look into, or have special ordered by Hancock or Joanne's? What I am looking for in a fabric that is extremely dark black, drapes like a dream, feels luxurious, can be machine laundered, and medium-to-preferably bottom weight! 

      Perhaps this may serve as a valuable clue, but all of the vestmants/ robes worn by Laurie and her High Priests/ Priestesses all seem to have a "sheen" to them. None of the poly-rayon blended fabric that I have yet experienced has had any sort of a sheen to it, but has been a very matt black.  Does this ring any bells with anyone?

      Take Care,
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