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12821Re: Seamstress needed

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  • Esther Van Eek
    Jul 5, 2014
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      Hi Andrea,

      I worked in kidswear in Toronto and there were quite a few "cottage" industries operating along the model you describe. It was most usual for the owner/designer to provide the stitchers with everything but the sewing machine: sketches and/or samples, patterns, fabric, thread and findings. This ensured consistency in the quality, fit and look of every garment.

      The stitchers were paid by the completed garment, the more complicated the garment, the higher the rate. When you advertise locally for stitchers, you may want to give them a single garment, similar in difficulty to what you will be selling (but not one of your designs if there's any concern about copycats). Have the negotiation about the rate after you see, and are happy with, the quality of the stitcher's work. 
      Working this way, you can start with one stitcher and can work with them to see how much they are willing and able to take on. As product demand grows, you can add more stitchers working the same way with them. I found that asking the first stitcher if they know someone else who sews is a great way to find new stitchers of similar training and ability. This approach to growth will take you quite a long way, and your unique look will not change as your company grows. 

      All the best with your business!

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