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12815Seamstress needed

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  • hunnyb8975
    Jul 4, 2014
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      Hey guys/girls!

      Have a question, been a member many years and needed to ask for real life advice.

      Start small label clothing line... plus size womens dress 5-10 styles, about 5dresses each.

      How do I go about hiring a seamstress to make them?

      How much would I pay them? per hour/ per item... if theyre selling at home

      Do I need to bring them with me, while picking out fabric??

      These dresses will be sold on my ebay store, once I reopen it.

      At what point would I then upgrade to actual manufacturer?

      Thank you in advance for any advice...


      FYI: I did all this before on my own... made alot of money and was success but needed to stop cuz I was swamped and couldnt keep up. Im trying to learn how to grow slowly.

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