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12810Re: Advanced Sewing Instruction

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  • dh_mccunn
    Jun 29, 2014
      Hi Jenny,

      I just released a series of 8 Interactive e-Books that describe how to make custom-fit corsets. This series is currently contemporary corsets. If the series proves popular, I would like to expand it to include period corsets which I have a passion for from my experience as a theatre costumer.



      My Interactive e-Books combine embedded videos with written instructions on the same page. I call it "watch-a-little, read-a-little." It is the most powerful teaching medium I have had the pleasure using in the 40 years I have been showing people how to make custom-fit patterns.

      I cover a variety of corset designs, single and double layer corsets, and sewing techniques. I had the good fortune to work with models everywhere from a "B" to a "DD" cup to illustrate the process in both the videos and photos. The techniques I use to create the custom-fit corsets are unique. They require no measurements. You create a mold of the body using techniques that the women in my online custom-fit bra class came up with. The resulting patterns require little or no additional fitting. The website also includes links to resources for corset making from around the world.


      Don McCunn



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