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12762Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] The reason for Poly-Rayon Ritual Robes

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  • Wade MacMorrighan
    Aug 29, 2013
      Thanks for replying, Paula. You make a very valid point....one that I have held and observed in practice over the years. Though, if I may speculate for the moment, and try to get inside the mind of Laurie and the followers of her tradition, the reason why, I think, the natural or synthetic fibers of their ritual robes do not matter a great deal to them is because--if I may paraphrase her brilliant book, Power of the Witch--the energy that Witches work with, which is able to pass between stars ad planets, would have to be fairly feeble indeed, if it could suddenly be halted by man-made structures, and even the clothes that we wear.

      By the way, because I am re-learning how to sew (I'm 36 and haven't sewn a thing since Jr. High!), I should love to see some of the items you've sewn, if you wouldn't mind my asking! Because I am re-learning, I have set-up a blog to sort of chart my progress called Clotho's Loom (I've actually named my new sewing/ embroidery machine "Clotho"! LOL! Please don't judge me. And, if you'd like to keep in touch with me, I am on FB, also: https://www.facebook.com/MacMorrighan

      It's a pleasure to have made your acquaintance, Paula. Okay, I mut get back to work on that book.... ONE DAY I hope to finish it! :P

      Take Care,

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      though, one uses the type of fabric one wants....synthetics dont usually mix well with majick.
      being the maker and wearer of ritual robes, myself...never would i use a synthetic fabric for anything as important as that. for me, it just doest seem appropriate.
      i use a linen/cotton blend fabric for the very reasons you talk about..the drape, movement and ease of care. it does need to be laundered (however you plan to launder the robe after it's made) before cutting though so it does whatever its going to do. once that's done it will always be the way it is. the only change i've ever noticed by doing this has been a very slight shrinkage.
      bright blessings,


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      Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] The reason for Poly-Rayon Ritual Robes

      Oh, the reasoning is purely cosmetic, because it drapes and flows like a dream, according to her and everyone who's studied with her mother. ...and because it can be so easily cared for with other regular laundry clothes by throwing it in the wash.

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      Subject: RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] Searching the Fabric Stores. & Selling my textiles...

      Why was she recommendung a poly rayon? Is there a ritual reason? (I'm Christisn and there are vestnents and objects that are oreferred in certain materials. I don't know if the same holds for Wiccans.) Or was she concerned for comfort or hand. Knowing these might help us reccomend sources.

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      Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] Searching the Fabric Stores. & Selling my textiles...

      Hey guys, I am making some ritual robes using the butte rick wizard robe/ costume pattern #4050, but I have been advised by a High Priestess whom I trust to use a poly-rayon blend (they'll be basic black, though the bell sleeves will be lined in a scrumptious cardinal red satin). Generally where, within a fabric store, should I find fabric in near equal proportions of polyester and rayon? The manager of my local Joanne's seemed ill-qualified to assist me. I poured over the polyester fabric and saw nothing there! :( ....Just poly-cotton blends. And finally, if I should decide to sell any of my hand-made textiles, if there a formula that I could use for calculating a minimum cost to charge for my items?__,


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