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  • Pat Rohrbach
    Jul 22, 2013
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      Yes I knew that sorry, not a fan of hook and loop so I will not be using
      that. I have the wonder fabric called not sure of spelling - - Foss shape
      well it is like foss shape but better, you can sew it and shape it and them
      steam it and it hardens to the shape you want. I made the crown for The
      Producers out of it and it worked very well. I think I will try that covered
      in the same fabric as the bodice with trim yet to be determined. A dear
      friend of my who taught costume design at a local university here convinced
      me that I will have to make the back of the bodice square and not the v
      shape of the pattern in order for the large collar to work . That is what I
      was trying to avoid but it is what it is . So I will need to cut a new back
      and lining and boning darn it !! Tks for your suggestions and help.


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      I didn't read your post well the first time. I think they call what you want
      an open standing ruffs. And they are Elizabethan or Tudor (not Victorian ;-0
      I still think you could make one out of paper, though you might want to try
      a stiff rice paper or something with a bit of body or even thin plastic. I
      would attach it to the costume at the front with hooks on the ends of the
      ruff and bars on the dress front. In the back I would put a hook or two
      center back on the ruff and bars on the dress. I guess you could do hook &
      loop tape instead--I'm not much of a fan of it.

      Anyway here's a page with some tutorials on open standing ruffs:

      And another:


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      However I would like to make one of those big Victorian collars
      > that stand not a ruffle ruff but a stand up hi sort of thing , I don't
      > what is called. Any ideas oh and how to attach it to the
      > bodice quickly. I will be in this dress for 5 min that is all. I don't
      > to spend lots of money or time but do want it to pass LOL. Help anyone ??
      > I am supposed to look like Elizabeth the first so the audience instantly
      > knows who I am supposed to be.
      > Pattyjo

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