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  • Pat Rohrbach
    Jul 11 1:30 PM
      Thank you so much , I think I will place the zip in the back. I think there
      will be someone to zip me up back stage. I got a 22in polyester all-purpose
      zipper do not see any numbers on it ?? like 5 or ?? This is going into a
      dress not a corset, will this zip work ?



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      I've had to put zippers in several corsets for our shows at the park over
      the past few seasons. Granted, they aren't Elizabethan corsets, they're more
      modern...but I ended up cutting the fabric between the stays near the back
      or else under one side (depending on the preference of the designer and
      whether or not the woman wearing it would be dressing herself or having
      someone help her). Used #5 zippers in colors that matched (or were close to
      matching) the corset and used double-fold bias tape to sew over the cut
      edges to finish them. It's amazing how much wear and tear you can get from a
      #5 zipper. Yeah, they aren't invulnerable...but if they can stand up to a
      summer of quick changes into and out of dance numbers for us, I think you'll
      be okay for a few nights of quick-changing into it for a few minutes of
      standing on stage. I would trust a zipper a lot more than I would trust
      Velcro in that situation...

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      > I have a question for you all, I am making an Elizabethan dress for a plus
      > size woman. I am making the size 24 pattern . The pattern calls for
      > and lacing but since she needs to get in and out fast I decided to put a
      > zipper instead.

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