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12622Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] costume fittings I am sooo tired of cast members not saving time for fittings !

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  • Ed and/or Kathryn Belzer
    Nov 17, 2012
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      That is brilliant! It requires organisation early on from you, but what a gift to yourself to have it all there from the get-go. I like this plan.
      On 2012-11-16, at 1:33 PM, Erika Miller wrote:

      > At the very first production meeting, I make a point to specifically
      > schedule time for fittings and a costume parade. My director's usually
      > think it's overkill, but I have to be assertive in order to get my time. I
      > find if the fittings are scheduled into the calendar at the start, I have a
      > better chance of that time not being taken away from me. Of course,
      > sometimes it can't be helped...
      > Our costume shop is also at a different location, but if the cast members
      > have it on their schedules from day one, they are also less likely to
      > double book. I only schedule 30 min slots and usually run over, but if I
      > tell them its only going to take 30 minutes, they are more willing to make
      > the time to come and then once they're there they usually are willing to
      > stay a little longer. (They don't want to look bad either.) :-)
      > Erika
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