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12620Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] costume fittings I am sooo tired of cast members not saving time for fittings !

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  • Ed and/or Kathryn Belzer
    Nov 16, 2012
      I have worked in both pro and amateur theatre as well as film. I find that the stage manager is the best one to go to for bookings. You tell the SM how much time you need with whom and the director or costume designer comes as well to approve the final fittings. I was taught by a wonderful designer to take photos at the fitting. You will see things in calm perusal of these photos that you can't take in with all the fuss at a fitting. I saw a difference in shoulder height one time that had everything all wonky. I couldn't see it on the actor, but a grid over a photo made the whole matter clear as a bell.

      Film seems to be different because the costumes sometimes go out to location and we never even see the actor, The worst case I ever had of misinformation was a waist 8 inches larger than the measurements provided to me. Of course the garment didn't fit and there was a whirl of activity around that glitch in the shooting schedule!


      On 2012-11-16, at 12:56 PM, PatR wrote:

      > How do you get your cast and director to realize costume fittings are necessary and something they need to make time for? How are they handled in pro. theatre ? The costume shop is not at the theatre but another address so they have to come here and they know that, at the beginning. I am not a fan of them running in 15 min before they are called for rehearsal and wanting to be fit for the 5 costumes they have. How do you all do it.

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