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12618Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] costume fittings I am sooo tired of cast members not saving time for fittings !

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  • Michelle Davidson
    Nov 16, 2012
      Don't give in when they run in 15 min before they are called and expect a fitting.  Tell them they can come at the scheduled time.  They can reschedule, but no, you will not do a fitting right now.  Your time (and sanity) is just as important as theirs.  I have a fitting request sheet I give to the stage manager when I need fittings.  It's basically a grid of dates and times when I can do fittings.  I list the actors I need and the SM has them sign up.  That way they can find a time when they are free.  If they absolutely cannot make any of those times, they tell the SM and then you can contact the actor and find a time.  If they show up late, you can decide whether to fit or not.  If they miss, inform the SM and have them reschedule.

       It may take a while for the system to take hold, but you must remain firm as to when and how fittings and measurements are conducted.  Of course, you need the cooperation of the director and SM (as well as the actors).  So good luck.  If you hear of a better system, I'd love to know and make things easier.

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      Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] costume fittings I am sooo tired of cast members not saving time for fittings !

      How do you get your cast and director to realize costume fittings are necessary and something they need to make time for? How are they handled in pro. theater ? The costume shop is not at the theater but another address so they have to come here and they know that, at the beginning. I am not a fan of them running in 15 min before they are called for rehearsal and wanting to be fit for the 5 costumes they have. How do you all do it.

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