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12564Warm Wool Yardage

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  • LeeP
    Aug 5, 2012
      It's the middle of Summer, but soon the evenings will begin to get a bit
      To keep that cool air at bay, I'd like to let everyone know I have, for sale; 3
      pieces of super-warm 100% wool yardage(Pendleton Mills)blanket weight, cut at 1
      1/2 yds from the bolt at 88" wide (total size 55" x 88") These are solid
      white--no color/stripes, no 'points', just white.

      These 'blanket' cuts would make a great wrap or a heavy coat/capote for standing guard,
      etc. (Or cut up for several smaller projects.)

      Asking $ 80.00 per piece (or two for $ 140.00; all three $ 200.00) plus
      shipping. (I can haggle, a bit--just ask!)

      Please contact me off list, no need to clutter the list with business!

      Capital Alta California
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