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12046Re: Female fashions of the 1990s and the aughts

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  • Linda from SD
    Feb 21, 2011
      Since the ages seem to coincide with my older sister, here are a few thoughts:
      Pleated pants remained a norm thru the 90's. Khaki seemed to be a favorite. Waists were at the natural waistline. Legs were straight or tapered towards the ankle. Dresses were often either very shapeless and to mid-calf or knee-length and slightly sheath like. Shoulder pads became a no-no for average women so shoulders got droopy. Camp shirts in "lovely" poly-crepe and graphic designed sweaters worked for a while. Oh, and don't forget the slinky knits.

      Two-thousand - Argh - loose the pleated pants! Bootcut jeans became popular again as did a variety of almost 70's fashions. Knit shirts in prints. Lycra in just about everything. If you characters are older, a great brand is Alfred Dunner. Sporty but mature.

      Hope this helps a bit.
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