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11595Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Costuming for wire/harness/flying role (angel)

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    Nov 5, 2009
      Be really careful. There was a terrible accident last Christmas at a
      Cincinnati Church. There were a few things that went wrong. One thing
      was the robe got caught in t he hook and did not close properly. I have
      attached an article on the accident.

      My insurance agent called me day to see if I was the costumer. Thank
      God I wasn't, because he thought the litigation was going to be long and
      drawn out. When I've worked with flying I only work with a certified
      company like ZFX and I have the production sign my release. I don't
      know if it would really hold water in a court of law.


      Just my thoughts.

      Cincinnati, OH -- Investigators are still trying to determine the
      details of a tragic accident that claimed the life of a young woman who
      fell to her death during a Christmas celebration in Oakley, a Cincinnati
      suburb, Wednesday night.

      Twenty-three-year-old Keri Shryock died Thursday morning at University
      Hospital. Witnesses say she fell about 25 feet during the Christmas
      pageant "Awaited" at the Crossroads Community Church.

      Shryock, a Xavier University graduate student, was playing the role of a
      wise man in a contemporary Nativity story and was suspended by an
      overhead cable when she fell during opening night on Wednesday.

      m1g1h1 wrote:
      > In a fit of overconfidence, I have agreed to be Team Leader for the
      > new Christmas production at church. There will be one angel in flying
      > harness in an over sized seven foot long robe with long sleeves (no
      > actual wings, just lots of floaty silk gauze). I usually do my own
      > research & have studied the archives & the website but am unable to
      > find practical advice on wire work costuming and would appreciate any
      > special knowledge and/or direction to research that any listmembers
      > can offer me. Jane W.
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