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10870Re: Crystal Rhinestones

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  • bainaashanti
    Nov 14, 2008
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      I would just use tweezers. You get the grip you want, no residue
      and much more control. No melting, reshping or any of that.

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "iom315" <IOM315@...>
      > I apologize in advance for asking this question again, but I am
      > searching for the perfect product to pick up rhinestones.
      > Can anyone recommend a product to pick up crystal rhinestones that
      > does not leave a residue on the stone?
      > The stones I use are 29SS pointed back Swavroski Crystal.
      > I pick up the rhinestone, place a bit of hot glue on its point,
      > apply it on the fabric. So far I have had the best results
      > with painters tape, but it does have it's draw backs.
      > I saw something on Dancing with the Stars, it looked like a huge Q-
      > tip that they used to pick up stones then mount them to the
      > Does anyone know what they are using?
      > I have tried birthday candles, Stick-um candle adhesive, floral
      > putty, Tacky Wax, and Mack's(moldable)Earplugs.
      > Thanks for suggestions,
      > D.L. Dixon
      > Ides of March Design Group, Ltd.
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