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  • jilbyfuzz
    Sep 17 1:03 PM
      I had a director go balistic when I wanted to put an actor is a
      white dress shirt, and no jacket. The reson being, this guy sweated
      more than I have ever seen anyone do. The idea that as the show
      went along thing got crazier and crazier he got sweatier and
      sweatier. All the director would tell me was "No white shirts.
      Lighting guy won't like it" She didn't tell me why. After fighting
      with her for a week I agreed to put the guy in a waist coat to break
      up the white.
      Finally during tech week I tackled the lighting designer. She
      finally told me white shirts in general pick up the lighting colors
      REALLY well. That is great if you want to make a spooky costume but
      not when you want to have a serious character. That being said, we
      now had a justifiable reason why we needed to break up the white.

      Since then we give the lighting designer the color pallet of
      costumes weeks ahead of time. Example, she and I also worked out a
      white lab coat for this creepy insane asylum guy in our Halloween
      production. Having a tech team that communicated well and will work
      together can really make a great production.
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