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  • John
    Sep 15, 2008
      And, just last night, catching a "Martha and the Vandellas" number
      on PBS, caught another 'lighting designer'do the same thing to
      Martha. Turned her several shades of metallic yuck. Since Martha's
      still a striking,lovely woman, I wondered why this crap in a program
      which could have been should have been fixed before the thing
      taped. Martha can't (and oughtn't) change her skin (the outfits
      came thru ok), but yes, the 'designer' could definitely SHOULD
      DEFINITELY have re-gelled. It would seem that 'rock concert
      lighting designers'have, in part, developed rockstar egos but not
      learned their craft (yes, I have re-gelled). I'd definitely take
      this up with the director; you are responsible for more of the time
      and trouble to mount the show than the lighting designer, and NOT a
      lesser being.

      Forgive, please, any offensiveness, I know not all lighting
      designers are like that. Tho, I have worked for a couple who....

      and my inbox has way too much pseudopolitical canarding with no
      substance, so smoke and mirrors is on me mind.

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, Sylvia Rognstad
      <sylvia@...> wrote:
      > I had a very unfortunate experience last night with the lighting
      > designer on the rock opera I'm costuming and would like some input
      > other costumers who are perhaps more knowledgeable than I on
      lights. I
      > admit it's always been my weak spot. My designs have been
      > for weeks, fabrics purchased and work underway. Last night was
      > first run through so both I and the lighting designer were there.
      > took a look at my swatches and said a lot of them wouldn't work,
      > specifically the rusts, coppers and yellow greens, of which there
      > quite a few. Now I have to buy all new fabric for several
      > Obviously my question is--why can't she change her gels to make
      > work? Are these just colors that shouldn't be put on stage ever
      > what? I don't get it. Can someone enlighten me--no pun
      intended? In
      > retrospect of course we should have had a meeting several weeks
      ago but
      > I think both I and the director assumed she would be working with
      > I had designed but she seems to be making it sounds like those
      > just won't work at all, period for anything at any time.
      > Sylvia R
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