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Re: coffee is king

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  • Nick D
    Where is your shop based? Nicky ... la ... word ... out.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2005
      Where is your shop based?


      --- In TheCoffeeExpert@yahoogroups.com, "Drew" <g0dm0ney@y...> wrote:
      > hey all,
      > new to the group hoping to engage in some intense coffee
      > conversation. my wife and i are about three months out from opening
      > our own shop/roastery. have a diedrich on order and a 4-group used
      > marzocco broke down at home with replacement parts on order. will be
      > a full refurbish when i'm done. will mostly specialize in single
      > origin coffees until i feel comfortable blending and hitting it
      > consistently. aiming to be a coffeehouse in the true sense of the
      > and not the ultra-high volume, ultra-low character shops that have
      > been opening in the past few years. i love coffee way to much to not
      > pay it the proper respect. french press yirgacheffe full
      > city=magick. thoughts? comments? advice? love to hear it. peace
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