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31Questionnaire on Philips Senseo coffee machine; help needed

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  • idowu
    Apr 30, 2007
      Dear Friends,

      I am presently working on a research paper to investigate the impact
      of product innovation on sales volume of consumer goods and the
      popular coffee machine from Philips, Senseo is one of the products for
      the case study.
      I will be very glad if you can spare about 2 minutes out of your
      very busy schedule to take the survey (especially if you use or
      possess the Philips Senseo coffee machine).
      Your opinion and data will be anonymous and will only be used for
      academic purposes.

      The survey URL is: http://www.student bth.se/~idak04/senseo

      Thanks so much for your anticipated assistance in this regard.

      Best Regards