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25100% Estate Kona Coffee Sampler - For Grads and Dads

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  • Henry Stapleton
    Jun 15, 2005
      100% Estate Kona Coffee Sampler - For Grads and Dads


      Our Kona Coffee Sampler is an ideal way to try a selection of our
      superb Kona coffee
      2 oz each of our GOLD, GOLD ESPRESSO, PLATINUM and Private Reserve
      DIAMOND 100% Pure Kona Coffee
      Also included is our Estate Blend 20% Kona coffee
      A perfect gift for the coffee lover who enjoys trying different coffees
      All from our private Kona plantation - low acid and pesticide free


      This is the best coffee I have ever had. Love the packaging. Was going
      to give as a gift but I like it so much I kept it for myself.

      I was lucky enought to discover Aloha Island Kona Espresso sometime
      last year and now I can't drink any other espresso. It is simply the
      world's best...Incredibly smooth and creamy with absolutely no
      bitterness to it. It is unlike any espresso I have ever had.
      When I want regular coffee I now drink their 100% Kona as well.
      It puts all other coffee to shame because it is so smooth and velvety.
      Roll this coffee on your palette as you sip it and you will see what I
      mean. I aslo find that while I need to load up other coffees with milk
      to cut the bitterness I can drink this Kona black and really enjoy it.
      Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the best!!

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