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24Coffee Advice

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  • Henry Stapleton
    May 20, 2005
      I love coffee ... drink a good cup before work ... another when I get
      to work ... and one more in the afternoon. But I'm having trouble
      finding the coffee that I like. To be honest, I don't like most of the
      flavored coffees and I'm not a coffee house fly so most of the coffee I
      buy is from the supermarket. I originally liked Maxwell House ... but
      for the past few months I've been without a coffee maker so I bought me
      a french press and now I make my own coffee without the machine.
      Because of this new found freedom, I've been experimenting with
      blending a couple of different coffees trying to get the best taste.
      I'm currently blending 50/50 Folgers Columbian Supreme and Folgers
      original. I don't like the columbian by itself because it is too
      bitter. Any suggestions? Please keep in mind that I still intend on
      buying my coffee at the supermarket. Thanks.
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