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1Coffee Basics : A Quick and Easy Guide

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  • CLS
    Aug 27, 2003

      A coffee lover's guide to the best brews¬ówritten by two industry
      Coffee Basics is a brief, no-nonsense guide to coffee products,
      appreciation, and brewing. It demystifies coffee's origins and
      history, explores the overwhelming amount of different varieties and
      explains exactly how to brew the best cup. The authors describe the
      regional character of coffee beans from around the world and discuss
      a variety of roasting equipment and brewing methods for both home and

      Lists mail-order sources for the best beans, plus great coffee drink
      recipes, tasting tips, and a complete coffee taster's glossary
      KEVIN KNOX (Boulder, Colorado) is a Vice President and coffee buyer
      for Allegro. As a beverage specialist for Starbucks he was
      responsible for appraisals, quality standards, recipes, training
      procedures, and brewing equipment. JULIE SHELDON HUFFAKER (Portland,
      Oregon) writes for Cafe Ole and Coffee Matters magazines.

      This book gives a good basic understanding of what coffee is all
      about. I especially like the specificity of information about coffees
      from different areas in the Regional Character chapter. For example,
      discussing Costa Rica's two best growing areas and how the coffees
      differ. I also found the opinions of which coffees are worthy of
      their price helpful. I read the Perfect Cup first and am glad I did
      because it was a good coffee overview for me. Coffee Basics was a
      great second book for me because I was looking for more specific
      information about coffees of each area. If I hadn't read Perfect Cup
      first I think the break down of info. on each type of coffee/regional
      character would have been information overload for me. If you are new
      or relatively new to the coffee world and are excited about learning
      more and more about the subtlties and nuiances present in that cup, I
      highly recommend you read this book.