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Questionnaire on Philips Senseo coffee machine; help needed

Dear Friends, I am presently working on a research paper to investigate the impact of product innovation on sales volume of consumer goods and the popular
May 15, 2007

Gourmet Coffee Information Wanted

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year and all the best for the coming year! I am a consultant for a new Gourmet Coffee company in Canada and wanted to know if anyone
Dec 30, 2005

Re: Coffee Advice

The basic guideline is If it looks like a commercial coffe, its no good 9 I know it sounds contraversial, but if you buy a different coffee each week, you get
Nick D
Sep 3, 2005

Re: coffee is king

Where is your shop based? Nicky ... la ... word ... out.
Nick D
Sep 3, 2005

coffee is king

hey all, new to the group hoping to engage in some intense coffee conversation. my wife and i are about three months out from opening our own shop/roastery.
Jul 21, 2005

Re: 100% Estate Kona Coffee Sampler - For Grads and Dads

If I read this right, its 10 oz. of Kona coffee for $35.95, on sale. I know Kona is spendy but this is a bit too much to swallow!
Jason N
Jun 18, 2005

100% Estate Kona Coffee Sampler - For Grads and Dads

100% Estate Kona Coffee Sampler - For Grads and Dads http://tinyurl.com/7bkeg Features: Our Kona Coffee Sampler is an ideal way to try a selection of our
Henry Stapleton
Jun 16, 2005

Coffee Advice

I love coffee ... drink a good cup before work ... another when I get to work ... and one more in the afternoon. But I'm having trouble finding the coffee
Henry Stapleton
May 20, 2005

Re: Digest Number 10

hi Nick...I'm (sorta) new here...been going to doctor's & tests...just haven't been on much...just set myself to individual emails so I can read/reply
May 13, 2005

Keeping things going

In the hope of keeping us alive I thought I wopuld post. you know it is really vital that the post is clean and th ecoffe is fresh. The first cup of coffee
Nick D
May 11, 2005

Re: Roasters Coffee House - Cedar Rapids, IA

Yes it is amuzing they have a wi-fi hotspot and no website at their cafe. Perhaps I shall drop in when I can break away from everything that is Up North.
Jason N
Mar 25, 2005

Roasters Coffee House - Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi everyone ... thanks for helping to keep this group alive. I was just sitting here thinking about a co-worker of mine who has started her own coffee
Feb 23, 2005

retail coffee, tea, and restaurant supply

If you are in need of some good brew or great teas, check out Up North Coffee Company at http://www.upnorthcoffee.com for the online store. This site was
Jason N
Feb 23, 2005

Re: Important Notice

interact interact interact nice cup of coffee interact interact interact Nicky Tn :<)
Nick D
Feb 23, 2005

Important Notice

I have received notice from Yahoo that this group may be deleted in 10 days due to inactivity. Please help to keep this group alive by interacting with the
Feb 22, 2005
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