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Re: Request for Design info

Irrigation Structure is a vast subject, tell what you want specifically. On 2 Jun 2015 20:03, "mohdbash2001@... [TheCivilEngineer]"
Dipak Bhattacharya
Jun 29

Re: Request for Design info

See Rcc Handbook by Reynolds and Steedman. On 2 Jun 2015 20:03, "mohdbash2001@... [TheCivilEngineer]"
Dipak Bhattacharya
Jun 29

Re: Regarding leakage problem

Brother   fill epoxy chemical used for vitrified tiles flooring in the cracks. That is economical and effective sol. regards hssekhon Sent from Yahoo Mail on
hs sekhon
Jun 29

Pushover Analysis

how to do pushover analysis in midas FX+ for Diana?? please help
Jun 29

Re: Need Help To modeling and analysis in MIDAS FX+ for DIANA

how to do pushover analysis in midas FX+ for Diana??
Jun 29

Re: Regarding leakage problem

Dear Mr. Jitendra, As you said, you have removed the tiles, cleaned the surface, then done waterproofing and applied screed of 4" above waterproofing. May I
Nishikant Pathak
Jun 29

Re: Retrofitting techniques for RCC framed structures

Hi Biswo, What kind of retrofitting are you looking at? Is it some sort of strengthening or increase of size or what is the actual purpose? I myself deal in
Jun 29

Re: Regarding leakage problem

Hi Jitendra I believe the load you have added is accentuating the problem. The cracks reappeared and has widened because of sustained load on the slab. It
Eng. Mumtaz Ahmad
Jun 29

Re: Regarding leakage problem

Please check the type of crack. Like structural crack or live crack, etc. Once you understood the type of crack, you can check the type of remedies in
Ahamed Zubair A
Jun 29

: [TheCivilEngineer] Regarding leakage problem

Dear Jitendra, As per your site condition only bick bat coba can be the proper way to arrest leakages from slab. Bhushan.
Bhusahn Gadhave
Jun 29

Regarding leakage problem

Dear friends, Greetings of the day and Good morning to all group member. I require your suggestion regarding leakage problem on terrace. On site there is
Jitendra Relani
Jun 14

Retrofitting techniques for RCC framed structures

Dear All, I am searching for the documents , manual for the retrofitting of R.C.C framed structures. Help from anyone will be highly appreciated. Are there any
Biswo Jha
Jun 14

Re: Request for Design info

we have a software related to irrigation structure  Hafeez-ur-Rehman Civil Engineer/ProgrammerLahore Pakistan Cell No. +92300-7636423 Email:
Hafeez Asstt.Director
Jun 14

The June Newsletter Issue of TheCivilEngineer is out !

Dear Civil Engineers, The June issue of our monthly Newsletter is now available online! Do not forget to visit CEECareers.com http://www.ceecareers.com/, our
Jun 8

Request for Design info

Hello group, i am new here... can anyone help me with any design guide (software, excel or pdf) of the design of helical stair cases and that of irrigation
Jun 2
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