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1023"US ready to decide on military action in Syria 'on our own' - White House"

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  • William Finnerty
    Aug 31, 2013
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      "The irony of the Obama presidency may hinge on whether he attacks Syria. He began his presidency prematurely winning the Nobel Peace Prize and could end it being impeached for starting an illegal war without congressional or UN approval – violating both domestic and international law." 

      By Kevin Zeese (CounterPunch Weekend Edition Aug 30-Sep 01, 2013).


      "US ready to decide on military action in Syria 'on our own' - White House"
      by W. Finnerty Fri Aug 30, 2013 18:44

      "President Obama could well consider a military strike in Syria despite the British Parliament rejecting a motion authorizing the UK’s involvement in the conflict."

      The above excerpts are both from:
      (Published time: August 30, 2013 00:20, Edited time: August 30, 2013 08:36)

      The report at the above RT www address contains an embedded video (3 minutes and 6 seconds) which relates that President Obama might launch a unilateral US strike on Syria after the UN team leave Syria tomorrow Saturday (August 31st 2013).

      Allowing for the above, an e-mail was sent to President and First Lady Obama this afternoon titled "The EXCEPTIONALLY sickening hypocrisy and double-standards of some senior United States politicians".

      A full copy of this afternoon's e-mail can be viewed at:

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      "Would President Obama risk the possibility of impeachment proceedings over Syria?"

      My own belief is that President Obama will do whatever his bankster puppet-masters instruct him to do, as he always seems (to me) to do: and, in that sense, this afternoon's e-mail was really an attempt to try and dissuade the banksters (indirectly). They might find it extremely difficult to find a puppet as useful (for their purposes) as President Obama is to them: if, that is, President Obama had to be replaced because of a successful impeachment process launched against him?


      The above text is based on an a comment dated August 30th 2013 at the following Indymedia (Ireland) location: