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"Sheriff Mack: Nullify we Must, and Nullify we Will!"

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    exspullifier@hughes.net sent you a video: Sheriff Mack: Nullify we Must, and Nullify we Will! To All It May Concern; I ve sent these messages out to many
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2012
    exspullifier@... sent you a video: "Sheriff Mack: Nullify we Must, and Nullify we Will!"

    To All It May Concern; I've sent these messages out to many that should have at least responded in question/reply, as in allowing others to know where you stand & I'd like to hear from you. In handing/sending out dvds,"County Sheriff-America's Last Hope", I've received very little comeback. Are our representatives fulfilling their oath of office to the constitution or are they giving power to the fed.gov't., by accepting grants? There is no middle ground. Do your officials represent the people or the 'corporations'? Our fed.gov't. is out of control & only the sheriff has the power to make the necessary changes. These matters are of extreme importance everyone involved as officials & the people they represent. www.sheriffmack.com , www.oathkeepers.org  "If it's U.N.-constitutional, it's not a law!" Thanks for your time,  Dana Alexander 
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    Sheriff Richard Mack speaks at Nullify Now! Phoenix on 01-29-11.

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