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  • Capt. Chemtrails, USN (ret)
    goldi316 wrote: ... I guess you re the expert, then. We stand corrected! Since when is over-generalizing scientific ? And you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      goldi316 <goldi316@...> wrote:
      fomalhaut2003 wrote:
      > Yet another person who doesn't know enough about statistics to be
      > careful of comparing data from small populations to data from larger
      > populations.
      > Interesting that so many of the back to nature types defend the folk
      > remedy mercurochrome and recommend ingesting the heavy metal silver
      > as an immune booster, yet bitch about thimerosal. Thimerosal IS
      > mercurochrome! I don't think we should be using either, but this has
      > nothing to do with the issue of vaccination per se, only how
      > vaccines are preserved. Single dose vials are more expensive than
      > multidose vials, and thus not as profitable. That was the only
      > reason why thimerosal was used as an antibacterial agent in the first
      > place.

      and in a previous message, you said:

      > Irrational nonsense. The following site maynot be helpful for the
      > scientifically illiterate, but others should find it useful.
      > http://www.quackwatch.org/03HealthPromotion/immu/immu00.html

      I guess you're the expert, then. We stand corrected!

      Since when is over-generalizing "scientific"? And you display some ignorance in throwing out the quackwatch website as an authoritative source - it is a known front for the pharma industry trying to protect their massive profits, run by a real loser. Have a look-see for yourself!

      * Quackwatch Founder Stephen Barrett Loses Major Defamation Case in his own Hometown* October 13, 2005
      "Barrett [my comment: owner of quackwatch] is a shill for the medical and pharmaceutical cartels and his bully tactics and unjustified discrediting of leading innovators, scientists and health practitioners should not be tolerated."

      Another one:
      * Quackwatch... BUSTED! * April 23, 2003
      The Court also declared that top quackbusters Stephen Barrett (quackwatch.com), and Wallace Sampson MD (Scientific Review of Alternative and Aberrant Medicine) "were found to be biased and unworthy of credibility."

      There's more - lots more! But I'll let you do your own search for it, leaving you with just one more. You can educate yourself about your supposed "expert" here: http://www.quackpotwatch.org/index.html

      In fact, I'll even go one better, and forward one of the articles from that website, which will explain EXACTLY what "Quackwatch" is all about. It will follow this message.

      Or, you can ignore it, go ahead and roll up that sleeve and take your shot like a good little sheepie, if that will make YOU feel better (you hope), all the while continuing to believe that millions of people have been deluded by all those alternative medicines and have remained healthy. I can guarantee you, you will have NO luck trying to convince those who use these treatments that they don't work - because they have. Whatever the quack may say!

      The only time I ever got seriously ill from flu was the ONE time I (stupidly) decided to get a flu shot. Never again!


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