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Re: The Series' Fantasy sadism

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  • endurancelost
    Penelope was one of a kind. I ve long lost my own copies of the books. Sigh. Any chance of posting those delicious inside teasers at least? I know it s a lost
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 21, 2008
      Penelope was one of a kind. I've long lost my own copies of the books. Sigh. Any chance
      of posting those delicious inside teasers at least? I know it's a lost to ask.

      --- In TheBaroness@yahoogroups.com, "Death Trap" <deathtrapperil@...> wrote:
      > I think clearly that what distinguished this series from other similar
      > ones at the time was its embrace of over-the-top cartoonish sexual sadism.
      > The Baroness covers might portray her as a typical pulp bad-ass but the
      > inside teasers always focused on Penelope in trouble. The series merged sex
      > and violence until they were one in the same. Every book has her captured
      > (at least once), stripped naked, and either sexually tortured or set up for
      > a demise that emphasizes her sexuality.
      > In Operation: Doomsday, Penelope is captured, stripped naked and sexually
      > tortured with makeshift instruments. Later she is again captured, stripped
      > naked, and this time staked out spread-eagled in the frozen wilderness to be
      > devoured by hungry wolves.
      > In Flicker of Doom, Penelope is stripped naked, tied to chair for the
      > purpose of being cut into pieces, starting with her breasts. Later she is
      > tied spread-eagle to a rack for the purposes of being raped.
      > In the Ecstasy Connection she is strapped naked into a mind control device
      > and forced to orgasm against her will.
      > In Death Is a Ruby Light, the Baroness is strapped naked to a tilting
      > table and has her nipples tortured with electricity. Later she is tied
      > naked, but for her bra, to a laser super-weapon with its business-end aimed
      > directly at her vagina.
      > And in Sonic Slave her vagina is threatened with an even more horrifying
      > prospect as she is secured again naked and spread-eagled and has a death
      > beam slowly slice its way up the table towards her crotch ala Goldfinger.
      > And in Hard-Core Murder, Penelope is staked out naked and spread-eagled by
      > evil snuff-film makers who intend to draw and quarter her with trained
      > elephants.
      > Clearly all the bad guys in the series share a common agenda.
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